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Job Fair Success Hints for Job Seekers

  • Preview the list of employers and the positions for which they are recruiting. Research the companies so you can make insightful comments to the recruiter about how you and your skills can fit their company and position(s).
  • Speak clearly, make good eye contact, smile and use a firm handshake.
  • Tell the employer how you are qualified for the job.
  • Give them examples of your related skills, experience and accomplishments.
  • Ask intelligent questions such as, "What characteristics or qualifications best describe people who are successful in this position?" "What is a typical day like for someone in this position?"
  • Don't assume that you don't need to make your best or a professional impression just because a job opportunity is part-time or not a long term career-related position in your mind.
  • Thank the employer for his or her time and information. Ask fort he recruiter's business card so that you can follow up.

Hints for Employers

  • Eye-catching table displays and your enthusiasm grab the attention of candidates!
  • Bring a tablecloth or a customized 6' table cover.
  • Set up tabletop displays or signs with LARGE PRINT with your company name and the nature of your business, services or products.
  • Make your table more interesting with visuals, samples of your products, technology displays, etc. Be creative!
  • Post the position titles for which you're recruiting.
  • Give away free items or candy that will draw people to you.
  • Stand in front of your table and make contact with passers-by. A friendly "hello" might engage a somewhat shy but qualified candidate. Understand that many of the passers-by are just passing through the busy area, but they could still be your next successful hire!
  • Staff your Career Expo table with alumni from Lakeland who can relate to Lakeland Community College students.
  • Come early and stay until the end of the 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. event.


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